North Central Arkansas Speedway, 9-13-19

North Central Arkansas Speedway kicked off another night of racing with cooling temperatures providing the pleasant background on the night we recognized the previous speedway owner Lenny West.

The Pure Stock feature race started with Chris Adams and Kaitlyn Glade leading the field to the start. Glade led the first two trips around the speedway, with Adams putting his ride out in front on lap three. A couple of late-race cautions slowed the race, with Adams holding the lead through the end. Adams’ car failed its post-race inspection, giving the win to David Harris.

Pure Stock Final Results:  1) #77D David Harris, 2) #22 Kaitlyn Glade, 3) #14 Cody Collins, 4) $33 Tommy Epps, 5) #4U2 Richard Henderson, DNS: #7 Ty Rosson, DQ: #42 Chris Adams, #74 Trey Kelley

The Hobby Stock feature race fired off with Hunter Duren and Chance Cotter pacing the field as the race began. Duren jumped out in front early, using the very bottom groove to dominate the early portion of the race. Cotter maintained second place through the first eighteen circuits, but after several challenges on leader Duren as the race wound down Cotter was able to power to the lead on lap nineteen as he drove the win.

Hobby Stock Final Results: 1) #113 Chance Cotter, 2) #11D Hunter Duren, 10D Darin Smith, 4) #9H Kaleb Herring, 5) #29 Chris Caststeel, 6) #18 Layke Ellison, 7) #4T Mark Tackitt, 8) #5 Rocky Brotherton, 9) #8X Chad Tyler, 10) #11 Bill Hardin, DQ#110 Jackie Hensley

The Super Stock feature race took off with Chris Piper and Matthew Seaman in front at the start. Seaman used the cushion to pull to the early lead of the caution-plagued race, with Joe Davenport and Eric Hopper running second and third respectively on lap one. Davenport left the track for the night during the flurry of caution periods as laps three and four were recorded, allowing Gibber Steinhaus into the third spot by the end of lap four. Chris Piper moved back into third as a second flurry of yellow flags waved surrounding laps nine and ten, chasing the cars of Hopper and Seaman. Hopper moved past Seaman on lap twelve, holding the lead through the end to take the win.

Super Stock Final Results: 1) #10K Eric Hopper, 2) #T10 Matthew Seaman, 3) #13 Chris Piper, 4) #4G Gary Tackitt, 5) #6 Tim Steinhaus, 6) #96JR Joey Vinson Jr, 4) #18K Kyle Cotter, 8) #11D Hunter Duren, 9) #28 Joe Davenport, DQ: #21 Gibber Steinhaus

Steve Muilenburg and Kandy Methvin paced the field to the start of the 30 Lap Len West Memorial B-Modified feature race. Muilenburg staked his claim on the top spot on the opening lap with a trio of drivers fighting for position behind him. The yellow flag waved before lap two could be logged, stacking up the field behind Muilenburg as the race restarted. Camden Cotter, Jason Snodgrass and Kandy Methvin raced two- and three-wide for several laps with Cotter holding off the challenges of the two drivers behind him. Snodgrass was running in a solid third place when mechanical problems ended his night on lap twenty-four. Cody Acklin used the following restart to move into the second spot past Cotter as Muilenburg pulled away over the closing laps to claim the win, as well as another victory lane photo with Shirley West.  

B-Modified Final Results: 1) #39 Steve Muilenburg, 2) #24 Cody Acklin, 3) #14 Camden Cotter, 4) #41 Kandy Methvin, 5) #23 Casey Acklin, 6) #14¢ Jerry Croney, 7) #00B Dan Bolen, 8) #71 Jason Snodgrass, #93 Jay Croney

In the A-Modified event pole-sitter Kandy Methvin raced off turn four alongside Cody Acklin as the starting flag waved. Methvin rolled past Acklin by the exit of turn two with Steve Muilenburg following Methvin across the scoring stripe by the end of lap one. After a brief caution period on lap three, Methvin held the lead in front of Muilenburg and Acklin as the race resumed with Muilenburg applying heavy pressure to the leader. Muilenburg and Methvin would battle side-by-side for laps nine and ten with Muilenburg moving into the lead on lap ten. Methvin began searching for traction to move back into the lead, finding forward bite well above the existing cushion of the track and powering to the lead again on lap fifteen. Muilenburg pressed Methvin hard for a pair of laps until slower traffic allowed Methvin to separate from Muilenburg over the closing laps to claim the win.
A-Modified Final Results: 1) #41 Kandy Methvin, 2) #33 Steve Muilenburg, 3) #19M David Marez, 4) #24 Cody Acklin, 5) #23 Casey Acklin, 6) #41F Coy Flippin, 7) #39 Jon Muilenburg Jr

The Lightning Rod class closed out the night with Dusty Martin and Chris Martin on the front row. Dusty drove to the lead in the center of turns one and two on the opening lap, leaving Chris to fight with Mike Martin down the back stretch. Mike was able to move into second by the end of the opening lap and began to pursue leader Dusty. After stalking Dusty for a pair of laps Mike move to the lead on lap seven and drove to the night’s final feature win.

Lightning Rod Final Results: 1) #44 Mike Martin, 2) #28 Dusty Martin, 3) #9 Chris Martin, 4) #43 Michael Smith, 5) #17 Benton Vinson