North Central Arkansas Speedway, 7-12-19

 It was a warm summer evening for the fans and drivers on hand for the weekly race program this evening at North Central Arkansas Speedway.

The Pure Stock division kicked off the feature races with Chad Tyler and Tommy Epps on the front row. Tyler took control of the race early and Epps pressured the leader throughout the event. A single caution slowed the pace on lap twelve, and after the restart Tyler was able to drive to the feature win

Pure Stock Final Results:  1) #73 Chad Tyler, 2) #33 Tommy Epps, 3) #22 Kaitlyn Glade, 4) #77D David Harris, DNS: #14 Cody Collins, #42 Gibber Steinhaus

The Hobby Stock feature race had Chad Horton holding the pole position with Chris Caststeel occupying the outside of row one. Horton used the bottom lane to claim the early lead, with Caststeel and Chance Cotter in close pursuit. A single car spin by Cotter before lap two was logged closed up the field for the first of two restarts and allowed the cars of Cody Robinson and Sam McIntare to make it a four-way fight at the front of the field on the following restart. Casteel pressured leader Horton all around the speedway, moving out in front of Horton on the track but not on the scoresheet as they battled over the top position. Close behind the fight for the lead McIntare and Robinson fought over third for three laps until Cotter moved back into fifth on lap five and made it a three-car fight over third place. Cotter moved past Robinson on lap twelve, then took over third place after a spin by McIntare on lap fourteen. The final restart saw the top three cars fighting over the lead as Horton, Caststeel and Cotter raced two and three-wide around the speedway. Cotter moved to the lead on lap sixteen with Casteel still holding the second spot as Horton slipped back to third. Horton moved past Caststeel and into second place on lap nineteen, but Cotter was able to hold off the cars of Horton and Caststeel and power his truck to victory lane.

Hobby Stock Final Results: 1) #113 Chance Cotter, 2) #8X Chad Horton, 3) #29 Chris Caststeel, 4) #2D Chris Davidson, 5) #25 Cody Robinson 6) #18 Sam McIntare, 7) #4T Mark Tackitt, 8) #56 Cody Cornett, 9) #10D Darin Smith. 10) #5 Rocky Brotherton,

Jackie Hensley and Matthew Seaman led the field to the start of the Super Stock feature event. Eddie Martin moved up from his sixth place starting spot to make it a trio of cars racing for the lead as the cars of Hensley, Seaman and Martin crossed the scoring line packed closely together at the end of the opening lap. Martin moved past Seaman by the end of lap three, chasing Hensley until the first of three caution flags waved on lap ten. Hensley was able to hold off challenges from Martin and Seaman on each of the restarts, taking the flag-to-flag feature win.

Super Stock Final Results: 1) #411 Jackie Hensley, 2) #10 K Eddie Martin, 3) #T10 Matthew Seaman, 4) #18K Kyle Cotter, 5) #96 Joey Vinson Jr. 6) #4GT Gary Tackitt

The B-Modified field was paced to the starting green flag by Camden Cotter and Steve Muilenburg. Muilenburg began to pull away from the pack early leaving Cotter to do battle with Cody Acklin and Jason Snodgrass. Muilenburg’s race came to an end on lap ten when his motor expired, bringing about the first of two caution periods. Cotter assumed the race lead, holding off Snodgrass on the first restart, and then fighting for position with Acklin after the second. Acklin moved past Cotter to the take over the lead on lap fourteen and was able to race to the feature win.

B-Modified Final Results: 1) #24 Cody Acklin, 2) #14 Camden Cotter 3) #71 Jason Snodgrass, 4) #90 Josh Farris, 5) #5 John Briggs, 6) #23 Casey Acklin, 7) #00B Dan Bolen, 8) #39 Steve Muilenburg

The A-Modified feature race got underway with Steve Muilenburg and Rustin Miller pacing the field to the start. Muilenburg took command early with Miller and Cam Rank behind him running second and third respectively. A single yellow flag slowed the pace coming out on lap four, allowing Miller and Rank to close on leader Muilenburg. As the race resumed Muilenburg pulled away from pursuit, driving to career feature win 788.

A-Modified Final Results: 1) #33 Steve Muilenburg, 2) #8 Rustin Miller, 3) #18 Cam Rank, 4) #14 Camden Cotter, 5) #90 Josh Farris, 6) #24 Cody Acklin, 7) #23 Casey Acklin, 8) #5 John Briggs

The Lightning Rods closed out the night’s program with Michael Smith and Kolton Jensen Leading the field to the final start of the night. Smith accelerated more quickly entering turns one and two, outdistancing Jensen back to the scoring line to lead lap one of the caution-free race. Slower cars were encountered by the leaders as lap ten was scored, allowing Jensen to close on the leader Smith, but as the traffic was cleared Smith was able to ease away from Jensen to claim the win.

Lightning Rod Final Results: 1) #44 Michael Martin, 2) #500 Kolton Jensen, 3) #44S Calvin Smith, 4) #43 Michael Smith 5) #15 Ty Rosson, 6) #17 Benton Vinson,