North Central Arkansas Speedway

The 2018 points-paying season wrapped up this evening at North Central Arkansas Speedway under nearly ideal racing conditions on this early fall evening. 

The Pure Stock class led off the post-intermission part of the evening’s program with Ethan Dandurand and Josh Farris holding down the front row after winning their respective heat races. Farris rode the upper groove to the lead exiting turn two with Dandurand in pursuit for the first three laps of the race until Dandurand exited the race early under caution on lap four. David Harris lined up behind leader for the restart and pursued Farris until he too would leave under caution, this time on lap eight. Kaitlyn Glade would take over the second spot for the final restart, but Farris easily outdistanced her over the last half of the race to claim the win. 

Pure Stock Final Results:  1) #90 Josh Farris, 2) #22 Kaitlyn Glade, 3) #17 Jacob Lewis, 4) #77D David Harris, 5) #K5 Jim Reed, 6) #88 Ethan Dandurand, 7) #4T Mark Tackitt, DNS: #4U2 Richard Henderson 

Arlen Stewart led the field to the start of the Hobby Stock feature race with Chance Cotter outside the pole-sitting Stewart. As the race entered turn one Chris Caststeel followed Stewart around the bottom as Cotter rolled the upper groove in a fight for position. Casteel moved past Cotter on the third trip around the speedway to take over the second spot chasing leader Stewart. Lapped traffic late in the event allowed Stewart to separate from pursuit and it looked like Stewart would drive to the win, but mechanical problems on the final lap slowed the leader and allowed Caststeel and Cotter to move past as Caststeel drove to the feature win. 

Hobby Stock Final Results: 1) #29 Chris Caststeel, 2) #13 Chance Cotter, 3) #15 Arlen Stewart, 4) #11 Bill Harden 

The Super Stock feature race started with Mike Koch and Eddie Martin in front of the field. A flurry of cautions plagued the first several laps with several cars sustaining damage ranging from light to race-ending, and included a disqualification for rough driving. After the early issues, the race smoothed out with Martin leading Jason Guffey and Grayson McKinney around the speedway. Another pair of cautions again slowed the race near lap ten, with Martin dominating the event after the restart to claim the race win. 

Super Stock Final Results: 1) #10K Eddie Martin, 2) #05G Grayson McKinney, 3) #4G Jason Guffey, 4) #28 Joe Davenport, 5) #5 Gary Tackitt, 6) #96JR Joey Vinson Jr. 7) #5G Danny Bolen, 8) #53S Jess Simms, DQ: #3 Mike Koch 

Jason Snodgrass and Drake Long paced the field to the waving green flag at the start of the B Modified feature race. Snodgrass used the shortest route around the speedway to top the lap one scoresheet, but Long moved to the lead on lap two with Snodgrass and Kandy Methvin in pursuit. A lap four caution slowed the race and tightened up the field for the following restart, allowing Methvin to use the high line to move into the second spot by the end of lap five. Snodgrass and Methvin raced door-to-door for several laps with Snodgrass briefly holding the second spot at the line on lap eight before Methvin moved back into second on lap nine. A lap fourteen caution again bunched the field with Snodgrass moving past Methvin for position to claim the second spot on lap fifteen. After challenging Snodgrass for a pair of laps Methvin reclaimed second on lap eighteen but the young driver Long was not to be denied, holding off Methvin to claim his first NCAS feature win. 

B-Modified Final Results: 1) #317 Drake Long, 2) #41 Kandy Methvin, 3) #71 Jason Snodgrass, 4) #14 Camden Cotter, 5) #24 Cody Acklin, 6) #93 Jay Croney, 7) #24H Kenneth Hulse, 8) #71F Josh Farris, 9) 00B Dan Bolen, DNS: #5 John Briggs, #12 Arlen Stewart 

The Lightning Rod division had Dustin Martin and Kolton Jensen leading the field to the start. Martin held the lead for the first trip around the track but Jensen moved past Martin by the end of lap two for a lead he would never relinquish. A single caution period slowed the pace just past the halfway point of the event, closing the field and setting the stage for a great fight over second between Martin and Tommy Epps. Epps held the spot for a pair of laps after the restart and with the two cars racing alongside each other for several laps Epps moved into second on lap fifteen. Epps tried to close on the leader on the last few circuits, but it was Jensen first to the waving checkered flag. 

Lightning Rod Final Results: 1) #500 Kolton Jensen, 2) #18 Tommy Epps, 3) #28 Dustin Martin, 4) #5-0 Dempsey Thornton, 5) #17 Benton Vinson, 6) #44 Lucas Belk, 

The Late Model’s closed out the year’s points races with Kandy Methvin holding the pole position and Eddie Martin starting to the right of Methvin. Methvin led the race through lap four when the first of two caution periods on consecutive laps slowed the race. The second restart saw Hank Long move past Methvin for the lead with Martin falling back to third. Methvin stormed past Long to retake the top spot on the score-sheet on lap six as the field got mostly single-file behind the leader. Long would leave the track under the final caution period on lap twelve allowing Brent Raulston to take over the second spot for the restart, but Methvin powered away from the field as the race resumed to claim the final feature win of the night. 

Late Model Final Results: 1) #41 Kandy Methvin, 2) #04 Brent Raulston, 3) #17 Roy Long, 4) #82D Matt Cardenas, 5) #14¢ Jerry Croney, 6) #52 Hank Long, 6) #52 Hank Long, 7) #51 Eddie Martin, 8 #4PLAY Eddie Hoyer, 9) #52JR Conner Long

 The final night of racing on the 2018 season schedule will be Saturday October 13th with the Southern Outlaw Late Model Series and five other classes on track. North Central Arkansas Speedway is located between Yellville and Flippin on Hwy. 62-412. For rules or information please visit the speedway website at