NCAS 2022 Rules and Regulations

Drivers: Please help our staff and fill out BOTH the Driver Information Sheet (DIS) and W-9 forms through the links above. The W-9 form can be filled in and printed, the DIS can be printed and filled out in advance, and your doing so will help us processing you the first time you race with us this season. ALL drivers MUST have this information filed (and filled out legibly) with an appropriate speedway staff member. It is the DRIVERS responsibility to make sure this information is on file before being allowed to race.

Please read and refer to General Rules as they will generally supersede any conflict with a specific class rule.

​Rules from the sanctioning body listed above apply to their respective NCAS classes with exceptions for: protest procedure, claiming rules, and any track specific rules which will be noted in the General Rules. All rules interpretations made by a Technical Inspector are final.